Family Photos Blue Springs | Kansas City Family Photographer

Family Photos Blue Springs | KC Family Photographer

I got an extra workout last week when I had the opportunity to photograph this fun family.  These two boys had me on the run…pretty much the entire session. At least they were happy.  Happy and running, but happy nonetheless.  And then we threw in their brand new little sis in the mix just to make things interesting! For a 10 week old at an outdoor session she did so well.  And I like to think that she is actually smiling at me in that family photo.  Or laughing at me.  Either way, I am am counting that as a smile.

I feel so redundant writing the same thing every blog…but seriously, I was so thankful for one dry day to shoot.  It seems I only get one or two per week.  And this day was especially pretty and perfect for chasing little boys around in the grass.

I know their parents felt like the session was a little crazy, but you have to understand that I am usually operating under crazy circumstances.

I am hired to photograph a group of subjects which seems simple (minus all the “know how to use the camera” stuff).  But I photograph subjects that don’t necessarily want to be there, which is a big hurdle often times.  They have emotionally stability that is dependent on naps, snacks and binkies.  They run in the opposite direction of me.  They often spit up on their beautiful picture taking clothes.  They, for some unknown reason, decide that they hate their shoes.  They just learned how to walk and could fall over and get a bump or bruise at any moment.  They tend to, right at the very second that I get everyone into place (looking and smiling) decide to go jello knees and slump into a little Baby Gap clothed puddle.  This happens ALL. THE. TIME.  It hardly ever doesn’t happen.  I am totally serious. And if your child is somehow experiencing some sort of miracle the day of their session and follows every direction given and doesn’t get distracted once I will lavish praise on them like they are royalty.

So yeah, these kiddos made me work up a sweat.  But they were sweet and cute.  And basically it’s my job to try to capture them how they are in that moment in time when we meet.  They may not be perfect, but more often than not the moments we manage to capture are.

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Family Photos Blue Springs

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Family Photos Blue Springs

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Blue Springs Family Photos

Family Photos Blue Springs

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Anna is an Kansas City are Family and Child Photographer.  She especially loves capturing babies from newborn to one year. 

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