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Your Experience at Anna Marie Photography

Anna Marie Photography is an experienced Kansas City photographer, based in Blue Springs, Missouri who serves clients from Kansas City and the surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Grain Valley, Overland Park, Olathe, Liberty, and Lee’s Summit.

We opened our doors in 2009 and have been growing in skill and craft since then. We strive to create timeless images while keeping an eye on the changing trends in the industry.

From the beginning, we have adored working with babies of all ages. Each stage of life has its special moments to capture. We offer a variety of studio and holiday options throughout the year. While we love working with many different ages, our newborn sessions and cake smashes are where we shine.

We have found that by focusing our efforts and attention on the baby’s first year we can follow trends, perfect posing, and learn how to build beautiful and detailed smash sets while offering our clients true expertise when working with their precious little ones. We like to think we offer our clients a very special newborn experience.

You won’t just come in, meet once minutes before our shoot and get a download link in an email. With our studio, you will receive the best customer service and products available in the area. We want you to feel a part of our business, our AMP family. And that begins with the first inquiry.

When you send us an email with questions, pricing inquiries, or requests to book we will answer your request promptly and completely. Anna will respond via email and set up a phone consultation so you can learn more about our studio and have a chance to ask questions. We start building our client relationship from that first phone call. Once you have made the decision to work with us you will receive follow-up emails to begin planning your session. Anna loves to know all the little details to help her prepare for your little one’s arrival in our studio. she will be available to answer any questions during your pregnancy, she is just one email away.

Once the baby arrives, Anna will send you prep materials and choose an exact date on our calendar. We shoot newborn sessions Tuesday -Friday in her Blue Springs studio. Her favorite time to shoot newborn sessions is between days 10-21. If your baby is already here and you haven’t booked yet, go ahead and send us an email. While we prefer to book ahead of time for planning purposes and to ensure availability we sometimes have room on our calendar for one more.

When you arrive for your newborn session you can make yourself at home in our parent room. It is connected to the studio space and you can feel free to pop in and out during your session. You can relax and watch Netflix, order lunch, or even take a nap. There is a Target/Starbucks just across the street and a Chick-fil-A and a Yogurtini as well. Dad can take little ones out for a bit to run off energy if they plan to stay for the entire session. There is a park near the studio for those spring and summer sessions. There is a door for privacy if you need to pump or change into comfy clothes after parent portraits.

Many of our families choose to shoot family photos and sibling photos as well. We don’t require it, of course, but it is no additional charge. We can shoot that portion first or last depending on when the big sister/brother needs to nap, eat lunch, or head home with a grandparent. The same goes for parent shots. If Dad can’t get the day off work, he can still pop in for some parent shots. It is very flexible as far as that goes. Family and sibling shots are some of our client’s favorite and most cherished images.

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The remainder of your session will be a combination of signature posed shots on the posing table and in various props. We will choose everything ahead of time, based on your preferences and requests. If you like things simple, we can keep them simple. If you like bolder choices, we can accommodate that as well. It really is customized to your preferences as far as colors and accessories go. We strive to communicate with our clients ahead of time to make sure we are on the same page prior to our shoot day. You do not need to bring anything along with you. We provide all the wraps, bows, hats, and tiny outfits you see on our social media pages and website. We often partner with Birdie Baby Boutique, and R2Backdrops to add all the special touches.

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If the baby allows, Anna will incorporate some prop shots as well. We can keep these prop setups very simple or if you would like to bring some special things from home to incorporate we can certainly do that as well. Our large prop sets are often a combination of studio props and items from the baby’s nursery. It is fun to be creative and use special touches from home.

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Are you worried your baby won’t sleep? Don’t. Anna has been working with newborns for so long that she is comfortable working with an awake happy baby. You may get less posed table shots and more swaddled shots, but your gallery will not suffer because of it. She is comfortable working with whatever comes her way during a session and just making the best of it. Yes, she absolutely would prefer a sleepy baby. When baby sleeps she can shoot her entire workflow. We can do our best to prepare for a sleepy baby, but as you soon learn with a newborn, life doesn’t always go according to plan. It certainly helps to have a seasoned photographer on one of those days.

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After your session, Anna will pull all the best images from your baby’s shoot and prepare them for viewing. We present galleries with soft edits only. This allows a quicker turnaround for presentation and an overall quicker delivery of final edits. Anna fully hand edits each of your final selections. All the little details will be just right to prepare images for print.

Gallery viewings will take place in the studio, at a time that works well for all decision makers. Clients will view their gallery and make their digital collection choice as well as working with Anna to find the wall art, prints or albums that work best for their family. Anna will be there to guide you along the way. The time from viewing to delivery on galleries for digital files is generally 2 weeks. We know just how excited you are to see your baby’s images and strive to deliver in that promised time frame.

There are so many choices when it comes to newborn photography. We have been greatly blessed by so many families allowing us to be a small part of their biggest adventure. We would love to be your baby’s photographer and capture beautiful images of those first few weeks of life. Contact us today to chat, we can’t wait to work with you. Follow along on Instagram too!

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