Feb 23, 2022

KC Cake Smash Photos | Lunar New Year

KC Cake Smash Photos | Lunar New Year

Rokelin is one and he is fast! Like so fast I can’t believe we got any shots of him in his portrait outfit.

I ask every parent when they come in for their session, “Can your baby walk yet?” And most of the time parents answer in a somewhat disappointed tone, “No.” As if they are letting me down or something.  Let me clear this up right now, I am absolutely not disappointed if your baby cannot walk on the day of his cake smash.  In fact, I am overjoyed.  The happiest I could be.  My two wishes, your baby takes a good nap the day of the session and he doesn’t learn to walk until the day after we shoot.  So no more sad faces, okay guys.  I love it.

So Rokelin, can’t walk.  Great.  Makes my job easier.  Makes mom’s job easier as a baby wrangler.  Unless you are Rokelin’s mom.  Because if you are, let me tell you, you are going to be in a full-on sweat after you have to try to keep this baby in place.  This kid can crawl.  And not just like a regular crawl.  Like lightning speed crawl.  And the best part, he thought it was hilarious to try and getaway.  Oh yeah, Ro, it was funny alright. Lol.  But you are cute so I forgive you.

Luckily, when it was time for the cake he was so into it that he did not try to run.  He instead was a perfect model baby.  He sat, he smashed, he smiled, he laughed and he gave me all the eye contact with the winky smiles.  And I loved him for it.

Our theme as Lunar New Year.  I have never done this theme before and it was fun to try something different.  I actually ended up loving it.  I don’t know why, but I am kind of obsessed with those marbled planet balloons.  I mean it isn’t rocket science.  One round balloon with a skinny balloon wrapped around it, but it’s cool. Right?

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Hey photographers! Backdrop provided by R2Backdrops, she’s the best.  Check her shop out!