Addyson|Newborn Photographer KC

Addyson|Newborn Photographer KC

I had worked with big sister Olivia quite awhile ago at a sitter session.  Olivia was adorable and her momma was the sweetest.  We did have an incident with a broken pearl necklace that reminded me of our session for many months to come.  I think the beads multiplied under the couch in my studio.

So, I was super excited when Jennifer contacted me to book a session for baby sister Addyson.  I love new clients, of course, but it is always such a compliment when you have the opportunity to work with a family more than once.

Addyson was beyond perfect and didn’t wake up once.  She just posed, looked adorable and snoozed like a perfect little baby.

Turns out Olivia didn’t love me as much as she did the first time we met.  She some way, some how thought that I was a doctor and she would be getting shots.  Which is crazy, and if I could show you my standardized test scores you would see why.  I am not a doctor sister, for more reasons than one. Those reasons are called math and science.

So, due to the fact that she was deathly afraid of me we didn’t nail that sibling shot. This is waaaay more common than you might think.  I mean, I will try so very hard to convince your toddler to participate.  But everyone who is a parent realizes that you cannot necessarily negotiate with someone of that age. And sometimes you just don’t get the shot.  And this is best case scenario.  Like your child went to bed on time, woke up on time, ate all their meals and took a nap.  They might still walk in when it is their turn and give you a big fat no on photos.

Okay, so no sibling shot, but Dr. Anna did manage to get some family shots.  Way to rally Olivia.  I know you didn’t want to do it, but I am sure your momma is so thankful that you did.

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