Introducing Adalynn|Newborn Photographer Kansas City

Introducing Adalynn | Newborn Photographer Kansas City

Addalyn was one of my itty bitty babies of 2016.  Now, I am posting this well into the year so it is a bit harder for me to remember all the details of our session.  However, I am almost certain that we shot her session two months after her birth on her due date.  Or maybe a day away from her due date.  I am sure her momma will remember exactly.  Regardless, even without a perfect date recollection it is easy to see just how tiny she was.  I think I said, “Oh my gosh, she is sooooo tiny” probably close to fifty times (I feel like that is a very accurate account of what happened). With your eyes can see her size, obviously. But once your giant man hands (yes, I have giant man hands) are posing her, it becomes clear what a small little miracle baby you are working with.

Although she was older by calendar standards I wasn’t worried about her posing or staying asleep.  If your little one has not yet reached their due date, it is generally safe to say that you will be able to pull off a traditional posed session.  This was absolutely the case with our little lady and we were able to hit a variety of poses and set up changes.

My favorite of the bunch is the mauve wrapped shot with Adalynn’s sweet smile.  I actually submitted that one to our local hospital, Centerpoint, to hang in the labor and delivery ward.  It was one of the images chosen to represent AMP and for the expectant mommas and their families to enjoy.  I believe you will find little miss in the waiting room. Be sure to look for her next time you are there!

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