Apr 7, 2022

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photography | Valentine’s Baby

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photography | Valentine’s Baby

Rowan was my first cake smash back after Christmas break and I was happy to kick off 2022 with such a sweet girl. Her momma told me that she was a serious babe and probably wouldn’t smile, so don’t worry if she doesn’t.  That serious photos would be just fine.  I appreciated her awareness of her baby’s personality and the fact that sometimes little ones don’t do exactly what we want them to do.  At times you have to be satisfied with eye contact and no crying.

We are dealing with a real-life human, with its own brain, thoughts, and big emotions.  Some parents lose sight of that and get so disappointed when their little one doesn’t perform like the images they have seen on social media and Pinterest.  There are days you have to accept that your child isn’t going to smile ear to ear and laugh at every peek a boo.  Unfortunately, now and then, that serious and somber day falls on their photoshoot.  And that’s life.  And I have to be one hundred percent honest and say I don’t reshoot when a baby doesn’t smile.  I have met so many babies over the course of my career and I have come to accept the fact that sometimes you get what you get and you have to be satisfied with that.  A serious face can be just as beautiful as their biggest smile.

Sometimes, no matter what you and your photographer do your baby is not going to crack a smile. BUT if they don’t cry and participate by sitting where you would like them to sit, looking a the camera, and eating their cake it is still a success. As a parent, you quickly need to learn that nothing is in your control anymore and you certainly don’t get to choose your child’s mood each day.  If that were the case no baby would scream in church and no toddler would flop around crying in the toy aisle at Target.  The sooner you learn to accept it the better.  Life is way more enjoyable if you do.

I will say that Rowan came in looking just as serious as her momma promised, but after some hard-fought attempts at comedy, I was able to get her to smile and laugh.  I’m just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one.  She thought I was pretty hilarious.

My advice to cake smash parents, be like Rowan’s mom.

Because sometimes when you don’t push too hard and just relax your baby will feel more comfortable and give you just what you want.

All the smiles.

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