May 2, 2023

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photos | Baby Mickey Smash

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photos | Baby Mickey Smash

You might be wondering what a cake smash is all about, and let me tell you, it’s as fun as it sounds! A cake smash is a photo session where a baby gets to smash a cake and make a mess, all while I capture the adorable moments on camera. It’s messy, it’s often hilarious, and it’s a whole lot of fun!

First of all, let’s talk about the cake. Seeing a baby’s face as they taste cake for the first time is priceless. They get to dive into a sweet, sugary treat that they’ve probably never experienced before. Watching them get excited and start to explore the cake is one of my favorite parts of the session.  Frosting is definitely a step up from puffs!

The real fun begins when they start smashing the cake. Some babies are hesitant at first, not sure what to do with this strange object in front of them. But once they start digging in, sometimes it’s a free-for-all! The cake gets smashed, frosting gets smeared all over their face, the parents and I get to laugh and watch the whole thing unfold.

As a cake smash photographer, it’s my job to capture all of these adorable moments. Seeing a baby covered in cake and frosting, with a huge smile on their face, is enough to make anyone’s day. I love getting down on their level and capturing their excitement and joy in the moment.

And let’s not forget about the clean-up! After the smashing is done, it’s time for a bath, and watching a baby splash around in the water and clean off all the cake is just as fun as the cake smash itself.  The best part is, parents walk away with a clean baby, usually part of a yummy cake and a baby who is ready to sleep all the way home while I clean up the mess!

Being a cake smash photographer is an absolute blast. Watching babies explore and enjoy their very own cake, and capturing their messy and adorable moments on camera, is a job like no other. The joy and laughter that comes from these sessions is contagious, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share in these fun moments with families. So, let’s get messy and have some fun!

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