May 2, 2023

Liberty Baby Cake Smash | Lucky One Smash

Liberty Baby Cake Smash | Lucky One Smash

Cake smash sessions are one of my most popular sessions.  Not only do the parents love them, but I love them as well. I love creating the perfect baby-sized sets for my cutest little clients.  I have to admit, I really have this thing down to a science!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a set. I can go for a classic, elegant look, or I can go all out with a fun and colorful theme. From unicorns to jungle animals, the sky’s the limit! It’s always exciting to see what theme the parents have chosen for their little one’s cake smash, and then let my creativity run wild to bring that vision to life.

The process of designing the set is so much fun. I get to brainstorm ideas, shop for props, and create a one-of-a-kind backdrop for the session. It’s a true joy to see my ideas come to life.  And I definitely don’t hate it when parents come in and fall in love with the sets!

And then there’s the cake itself. I get to work with an amazing Blue Springs baker who creates beautiful and delicious cakes that fit perfectly with the set. It’s always exciting to see the finished product. And most parents sneak a bite during the session and end up loving it too!

During the session, it’s such fun to see how the baby interacts with the set and the cake. Some babies dive right in, while others need a little coaxing. But no matter what, there’s always laughter and smiles as they explore their surroundings and enjoy their birthday treat.

I would love to work with your family and style the perfect set for your baby’s big one-year milestone.  Contact me today and let’s get started!

Attention baby photographers! Check out R2Backdrops for your cake smash sessions.  As you can see, she does not disappoint!

Perfect little cake smash set by yours truly!