Feb 23, 2022

Cake Smash Photos Kansas City | Boho Baby

Cake Smash Photos Kansas City | Boho Baby

It was beyond fun to photograph this adorable birthday girl.  Everyone, meet Reese! She was all smiles, super happy, and friendly.  My ideal cake smash baby.

I really couldn’t have hoped for a better session.

It is most important, in my opinion, for a baby to have had a good nap and to arrive at the studio well-rested.  Like that is for sure number one.  If that hasn’t happened then you failed to plan.  I used to be a stickler about a morning smash. But this is when I would stack sessions on a few days a week.  Covid forced me to see one client a day for over a year, so I could properly disinfect and keep space between clients.  In doing that I began asking clients when they would like to shoot.

Any hour start time because I was free from the grind of squeezing in as many sessions a day as possible.

And you know what happened? First of all, I was a much happier and less stressed photographer.  No more rushing and running the entire day trying to get clients in and out the door.  Now I am able to take time setting up, shooting, chatting with parents, and then cleaning up at a more manageable pace.

And with keeping nap time in mind my babies are generally (knock on wood) happy and successful smashers.  I mean, I am very experienced at smashes and I have a real routine and pace for how I like to shoot them.  For me, I like to get babies excited, having fun and I really don’t want to let that pace slow down.  We are only together for a short amount of time and I don’t give them the chance to get bored or decide they are done with our session.  We go, go, go and keep things hyped.  It is very high energy and can feel like a lot to the grown-ups in the room, but I promise when you get this kind of shot it is totally worth it!

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