Feb 28, 2022

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photos | Harper is One

Blue Springs Cake Smash Photos | Harper is One

It was such a pleasure to meet this sweet birthday girl for her Blue Springs cake smash photos.  Not only was she a total doll but she was happy as can be and had THE most expressive face. She loved her cake and was very serious about the task at hand.  You could tell she was planning to finish the entire thing herself.
That day.  Right there in the studio.  Spoiler alert, we did not let her.  But I’m telling you she was very determined.

It seems that the word determined likely best describes Harper.  And I mean from the very beginning of her life. She was determined to arrive on her own timeline. As you can see below she came into this world just a tiny little thing.  Much too early.  Much too small.  Her parents weren’t quite ready for her arrival, but Harper was choosing her birthday.  No one else was going to have a say in that.  She spent time in the NICU.  Not the ideal way to begin your baby’s life BUT Harper was determined to meet milestones and find her way home with her parents.

And here she is a year later, completely unrecognizable from her newborn photo.  Sitting up so big and strong, she’s got rolls and cheeks for days! I am so honored to have the opportunity to capture just one of Harper’s many milestones. Happy birthday baby girl!

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