Mar 1, 2022

KC Newborn Photoshoot | Baby Wren

KC Newborn Photoshoot | Baby Wren

Wren, like the bird, was my first newborn of 2022.  She was beautiful and sleepy and I was obsessed with her fluffy hair.

She really started off my year like a dream.  She was the easiest to pose and didn’t open those eyes for a second.  I often think, when I get a particularly fussy baby, these clients are lucky they booked with me.  Because sometimes babies are so challenging that it takes a very experienced and patient photographer to get the work done.  In the end, you shouldn’t be able to tell if a baby was fussy, or restless or wanting to cluster feed.  Your photographer has to find a way around that.

And sometimes the only person who can manage something like that is someone with experience.

Like years of experience.

This isn’t to say that I don’t have my challenging sessions or babies.  This is to say the opposite, I have them…more often than I would hope, but I can still do the work in a way that makes it undetectable in the final product.  You wouldn’t have a stylist with one month of experience cut and coloring your hair before your wedding.

And you also shouldn’t have an inexperienced newborn photographer taking your baby’s first photos.

Ladies and gentlemen, there are no redos on these.  This is it.  Your window is short. Time is fleeting.  They are literally only this small for a matter of weeks.

And maybe you save a few bucks, but at what cost.

I promise you, you will never regret investing in your baby’s newborn photos with an experienced photographer who knows her craft.  Who understands posing, lighting, styling, and most importantly…babies.

But you will absolutely regret spending less for an experience and product that doesn’t do your brand new human justice.  It might feel okay that day.  But when you get those photos back and they are not what you dreamed of, that’s when it hits.

And I am speaking from experience.  I took my babies to PICTURE PEOPLE.  And those God-awful photos are what I have to remember their first few weeks by.

Don’t be me.  Do better by your little one.  Book with our studio and let us capture some beautiful heirloom quality images of your sweet baby.

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