Mar 8, 2022

KC Newborn Photos | Introducing Peter

KC Newborn Photos | Introducing Peter

I had the pleasure of welcoming Peter and his parents into my studio for his first photo shoot.  He continued my streak of happy sleepy babies (please, please don’t let this end).  I struggled through the end of 2021 with some challenging sessions and this year, so far, has been amazing.

I think my favorite image from this selection is definitely the under-the-sea composite.

For those of you unfamiliar with a composite image it is a single image composed using two or more images to create the final product.  In this case, Peter’s momma told me on her questionnaire that his nursery was an ocean theme.  I decided to add a nod to that personal detail by creating the image you see below.

I posed Peter in a bucket and photographed him at a high aperture in lighting that would match the digital image I had chosen prior to the session. Then post-session I edited that image of Peter into a digital image using techniques in Photoshop.

So he was never in the under the sea set and I cannot take credit for the meticulously placed buttons you see.  If you know me, you would know that my brain would never have time for that and I would likely destroy my hard work by dropping something on top of them or kicking them with my giant feet.  And that is if I hadn’t managed to lose them somewhere in the prop room before our shoot date.

KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos KC Newborn Photos

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