Mar 15, 2022

Lee’s Summit Newborn Photos | Crew and his Mommas

Lee’s Summit Newborn Photos | Crew and his Mommas

I feel like I have known Brittany and Carolyn for more than 10 years, but apparently, I am wrong.  I just saw on Facebook that they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary of meeting each other.  I think I feel this way because it seems like so many many years ago that the Independence YMCA was open.  And that is where we first met.

Now, I was just a member and I had four babies/toddlers so my facts are likely jumbled a bit due to sleep deprivation.  I would see Carolyn’s friendly face and smile in passing and Brittany was my personal trainer for some time.  I made her promise me that when we shot her session she would please not make me do any burpees.  I really can’t see her face without thinking of the torturous things she made me do in the weight room.  Now, that I am thinking about it, I really could use that in my life again.  Meaning, really hard workouts…not burpees.  Never burpees.

I still remember Brittany asking me if I would photograph her wedding someday and I said no.  Not because I didn’t love her and wanted to work with her.  But because I would be like the worst wedding photographer ever.  I know my niche.  My niche is babies.  If there’s no baby involved I just can’t do it.

I did tell her that if she had a baby someday I would be her photographer.  So here we are, just short of a decade later, and I am photographing Brittany and Carolyn’s son.  Life is funny like that.

I didn’t really think, that day in the weight room at the Independence YMCA, that we would be together with all of their beautiful children fulfilling that off-handed promise I made to my friend.



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