Mar 23, 2022

Liberty Newborn Photos | Hey! It’s Elliot!

Liberty Newborn Photos | Hey! It’s Elliot!

Elliot was one of my February newborns and I was so happy to see her. I had photographed her older brother as a newborn as well.  I, of course, love returning clients so much.  It’s always nice to work with someone you are familiar with and there is a comfort level there and that makes it even a more relaxing experience than it usually is.

Now, when you look at these images below you are going to notice two things.  One, Elliott is a beautiful baby and Dawson did not really want to be there.  Both are true and undeniable.

And let me clear up any confusion you may have, Dawson is the norm.  It would be more unlikely that a toddler would be excited to be included in his or her new sibling’s first photoshoot.  It’s boring, it’s confusing and who is this kid who is disrupting my life?  Those are the facts.  Every once in a while you get a unicorn toddler who is in a particularly happy and cooperative mood.  And if you move fast enough and are swift in your transitions you can make the session appear to be effortless.

Now, I am going to repeat this again for those in the back (read: parents with unrealistic expectations): it’s okay if your toddler isn’t happy about the newborn photoshoot.  It is totally NORMAL.  It’s our job as grown-ups to find a way to be patient with them and get at least one photo for the album that you can point at as documentation and say “He was there!”

It’s always best to set the bar low and if your toddler over performs, then great! Unexpected surprise.  And if your toddler is like Dawson and he agrees to sit and participate but not smile (under any circumstances), then great! Also, an unexpected surprise.

Don’t forget you just blew up your toddler’s whole life and schedule so they may not be cool with a photoshoot to commemorate the event.

We will work together to get the images we need for family history.  Then we move on to the reason we are there…that brand-new squishy baby.

Don’t sweat the small stuff Mom.  Because in the end, that sibling photo, is one hundred percent without a doubt the small stuff.

Liberty Newborn Photos Liberty Newborn Photos Liberty Newborn Photos Liberty Newborn Photos Liberty Newborn Photos

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